The Nordic Graphic Design

My name is Amanda FranzĂ©n. I am a 22 year old woman from Sweden. For this term I’m on exchange studies in Vancouver, Canada. This term I will hopefully leran more about the cultures, people and of course my main interest: Graphic Design. For me my exchange studies will be an adventure filled with both fun and serious, which makes it a perfect topic to blog about.

I will write about my experiences as a graphic designer situated in a whole new place. I will write about adventures that I experience, but also graphic design as a main theme in Vancouver. Mixed with my life here I will also discuss a big interests of mine: the female graphic design. My blog will every second week focus on a new female graphic designer from one of the Nordic countries (mostly Sweden). This focus will be a portrait of the designer regarding their work as a designer of graphics and also what their main focus is as a creator. I hope you will like it!