Sara Gärdegård

Graphic Designer

  • Age: 29
  • Job situation: Taking a break from agency life & started my own company, freelancing with design, photography and content/social media.
  • Best memory with design: I think for me it’s when I reach that level of satisfaction. It’s a gut feeling. I often know when I’m done and not and that level of happiness of slowing a problem for someone else for me that’s the best feeling.
  • Favourite font/typeface: Circular and Burgess right now.
You do a lot of different designs. What would you say is the best/funniest thing to create (logos, applications, etc.)? For me it has always been to have a creative approach to life, to solve problems, and make things better. My curiosity has led me to explore different sides of design. I still do, I want to learn more and get better at it. I need that flexibility to do a lot of different things to not get bored. The ”best/funniest” is I think everyones dream, a client who is open minded and have trust in you. Make things better, simple and useful.

Do you have something important for you that makes you more interested in taking one job over another (Environment, food, etc.)? If yes, why and does that affect the assignment itself? Well its 2018 and everyone should strive for a good work environment, diversity and inclusion. People are starting to get picky about work environment and health atmosphere and the people around you become like your second family. Other things that is a plus is obvious, like vacation days, flexibility, the role and responsibility is and salary of course. 

Would you say that the design branch is man dominated or neutral? Why do you think that? I’m pretty sure it’s man dominated, and it’s still a question for me how?!  People who graduates are an equal amount of 50/50 of both genders.. For millennial diversity is important. I think the industries is starting realized we need to more actively address the glaring diversity gap in creative agencies. In my first jobs I had no female leaders around me to look up to, (let me add there is a differens having women around you and women working in the same field). I felt that it has been at a nice thing to work with diversity and inclusion but now has evolved to taking responsible. In this industries where we create products for diverse consumers so it should be obvious that we need different perspective and backgrounds. Studies has revealed that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially. Your client might not prioritize diversity and inclusion, but you can bet driving sales is a priority.

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