Malin Trotzig

Designer and entrepreneur

  • Age: 38
  • Job situation: Self employed graphic designer, or in more fancy terms ”small business owner”.
  • Best memory with design: After working for years with magazine layout being hired as an art director to, among other things, redesign a 100 year old magazine was a highlight in my career.
  • Favourite font/typeface: My favorite fonts varies over time but lately I have been using Montserrat a lot. Maybe too much.

Why did you choose to start you own company? I wanted the freedom to pick and chose my projects. I enjoy working on a array of different projects, ranging from book covers and magazines to branding and wordpress websites. I could never find employment doing such varied projects. Also I love being my own boss and not having to anyone to answer to but myself.

When taking different jobs: what is the most important things? The assignment itself, the customer, the compensation, etc? I would say it’s a combination of all of the above. I would love to say the assignment itself, but in reality I usually can’t afford turning down jobs that seems less fun. I’ve only been running my own business for two years. I’m working towards the goal of being able only to take on projects that I really love working on. For example, I love working on book projects, but it doesn’t pay as well as some of my other projects. So I try to find a balance of more well payed assignments and really fun, creative ones, that doesn’t pay as well.

Would you say that the design branch is man dominated or neutral? Why do you think that? In my experience it’s not a male dominated business. In my ten years working as a designer in Stockholm I have actually mostly worked with women designers. However I as I’m not interested in advertising work I haven’t worked at any of the large ad firms. My prejudices tells me that might be are more male dominated area. I can’t back this up with statistics but it seems to me that female designers more often seem to be self employed. Whereas male designers seem to more often have prestigious employments at large firms. As in most lines of work men still tend to earn more money than women with the same amount of work experience and in the same position.

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