Karin Idering

Designer and inspirer

  • Age: 34
  • Job situation: I’m taking a break right now. After working hard for 10 years I felt like a needed a breather, and to stop and think about what I actually want to do instead of doing what’s expected of me. So we’ll see that the future brings…
  • Best memory with design: I saw a poster years ago, around 2013 or 2014, and it was just the most beautiful work I’d seen. It was utter perfection. I tried to find out who’d made it and I finally tracked down this super small design agency called Chiii Design in Macau, which is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. I emailed them in early 2015 and got a reply a couple of months later from this lady, Candy. Candy’s english wasn’t the best and we emailed back and forth for about 6 months, trying to understand each other. Finally, she offered to send me the poster but wanted me to pay for the shipping, which I of course was more than willing to do.Then things went quiet.In mid 2016 I emailed Candy again, asking how things were going and where I should send the payment for the shipping. No reply. Months went by and I emailed her a few more times. In early 2017 I got an reply from this other lady, Tracy, telling me that Candy no longer worked at Chiii Design. I don’t know if Candy had forwarded my emails to her? Anyway. I tried to explain the situation to Tracy and once again asked where I should send the shipment payment.Things went quiet again. And I began to lose faith.In the fall 2017 I all of the sudden got a post notice telling me I had a package to pick up. I’d forgotten about the poster and had no idea what I had ordered. It’s not uncommon that I order things from Amazon and forget about them. When I saw the poster tube I still didn’t understand what it was, until I saw a small message written on the side of it. “Sorry for the lateness! Hope you like it. From Chiii Design.” The excitement! I couldn’t believe it.  I ran home to my apartment. With the tenderness of a mother holding her firstborn, I carefully opened the tube and there it was. The most beautiful poster I’ve ever seen, in my hands. It was exhilarating and I just couldn’t believe it. That it was right there, in my possession, after all these years of trying. The day after I went and got a frame for it and put it next to my bed, so it’d be the first thing I saw waking up in the morning. And it’s still there, on my bedroom wall, and I think it’ll probably be there forever. The most beautiful poster in the world.
  • Favourite font/typeface: Almost impossible to say, but I love Söderhavets type project, So Type. It consists of some really awesome typefaces.

You have chosen to have two different instagram profiles. One with your own work and one with inspirational posts by other designers. How come you wanted to do both? The Inspiration Seed account came alive because I kept on collecting inspiration at a lot of different places; saving images on my work phone/Mac and on my private devices. I just wanted to keep everything at one place and Inspiration Seed was born. It felt like an easy platform to work with. It’s really nice that people appreciate the account, but the purpose was never to get lots of followers, but to create a place for me to put up stuff I think is awesome.  NiceEasy was created when I felt I couldn’t be as artistic as I wanted to be at my day job, and I needed a side project to use as a outlet for my creativity.

When working with a poster, what is your main goal? (Deliver a message, show illustrations, etc.) Sometimes I just want to become better. Do something that doesn’t look like everything else out there. Because I think it’s a huge problem that so many designs look the same nowadays, which is one of the reasons I post so rarely on Inspiration Seed. I just think most of the things I see is uninteresting and I try to be different and find work by other artists that is different. Sometimes I’m just in a mood to create something. I usually don’t post messages or do too much stuff with an intent. Everything I post on Inspiration Seed and NiceEasy is just for me myself and I, never for anyone else.

When posting work from other designers, how do you chose what to post? Do you have a special theme or just posting the ones you like? I just post what I like and/or find interesting and unique.

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