Sara Idberg

Junior Graphic Designer

  • Age: 21
  • Job situation: I’m currently studying my bachelor in graphic design.
  • Best memory with design: My first semester at university we designed typefaces and I learnt how much I love typography. I could sit for hours just focusing in the details of my typeface, exploring with the curves and so on. I think the best thing about it though is that I can still proudly present a job in my portfolio that I made my very first semester.
  • Favourite font/typeface: Avant Garde Light or in general geometric/circular lightweight sans serifs.

You do a lot of different designs. What would you say is the best/funniest thing to create (logos, applications, etc.)? I would say any type of layout. It could be magazines, books, packages even, as long as it starts with a blank paper and I am supposed to arrange text and images. I can’t draw any better than a five-year-old so logos can be a bit tricky for me.

What is your priority when taking jobs? What is your favourite job to do? Considering my lack of experience, I will try to think as my future self. I would like to think that I will have the opportunity to choose the jobs that I can be proud of ethically and if so, that would be a priority. To solve a problem for a company with good values in a sustainable way. Of course, I would also love being able to do jobs where I can produce nice looking, smart designs where the client trusts my opinion, rather than having to adapt on their bad graphic profile thinking that my design is a total waste of money for the client.

Would you say that the design branch is man dominated of neutral? Why do you think that? I think that the agencies are overall man dominated but my feeling is that it’s getting better and a lot of them are actively searching for more women. It’s kind of surprizing though since the university programs on design are women dominated. I also think that there are more women in the field than we see, maybe there’s more women working freelance or in house? Either way I think that the agency culture has a very strong history of man domination with the “Mad Men”-spirit, when women haven’t been welcomed in.

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