Sandra Engström

Art Director

  • Age: 29 years
  • Job situation: Art Director at Glossybox Nordics
  • Best memory with design: Seeing my first ad in a magazine was a big milestone!
  • Favourite font/typeface: A font that I love, and keep coming back to, is the serif Playfair Display.

How is it working for a big company like Glossybox?
Even if Glossybox is a global company, with markets in 10 countries, we are just 18 people working for the Nordic market from Stockholm. As the only Art Director and designer working for Sweden and Norway it rather feels like working at a small company. I work with a wide scope of many different kinds of design and have a lot of creative freedom.

What would you say is the best with your job?
The best part of my work is that I get to be creative every day! I love to design the packaging/box, you create a digital flat design on your screen and a few weeks later you have a physical prototype in your hands! And the idea that was once in your head is now a real thing, that over 50 000 customers will get in their mailboxes. That’s a great feeling!

How did you end up with this employment?
A close friend of mine work at the same company and told me they were hiring a designer, so I applied, hoped for the best, and got the job!

Working as an Art Director, what is your work assignments an ordinary work day?
It all starts with creating the concept and design for our boxes. When that is done we go into detail, planning our campaigns. My job is to come up with creative ideas for and directing photo shoots. The next step is to create the visuals for our digital campaigns and make sure they align through all of our channels. In addition to the campaigns I also support the team with all kinds of design such as magazines, invitations, social media content etc.

Would you say that the design branch is man dominated or neutral? Why do you think that? I have no personal experience of the design role being dominated by men. I know and have worked with both male and female designers. However when studying my bachelor in graphic design it was 75 % women and 25 % men in my class so even if it has been male dominated in the past it might be a shift coming!

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