Data trails, we all leave them. If you have made a choice to be active online, there will be a trace of that choice somewhere. Whatever you do and whatever you move, you will be documented. Every step, every click will be on paper. These last weeks, having a blog and documenting new steps everyday, have not only made my digital print a bit bigger, but also a lot more personal. The blog is not only a school project where I every week must make posts and update, but it is also a proof of my personal choices: what I chose to write about and publish.

This blog is about what I want to do in the future, it is a research about the place where I would love to end up in. Every week I interview and talk with a new female designer about their choices and how they anded up where they’re at today. This is not only to see how they got there, but also how comfortable they are with the situation they’re in. So when I’m now asking myself the question about my digital print, that point of publishing content have not been very important for me when finding out new knowledge. I didn’t reflect much of how the different posts made me look as the one publishing it online.

I looked back and read through my posts, researched my own behaviour and movement regarding my online persona. Creating my, for the Mini Assignment, Infographic over my own behaviour online was not only very interesting, but very sobering.  How do I behave, and what kind of a legacy do I leave behind me? Even though looking back both made me intrigued to research what it all meant, it also made me think about what kind of a trace my readers leave behind. Let’s check that out next week!

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