I got curious on what kind of visitors that actually clicked into my blog. I used Google Analytics and checked. Doing that was even more sobering than tracing my own footprint last week. I don’t have a lot of readers, but I have a few that I was actually able to trace. My first guess was that the few readers would be the designers that I interviewed, which looked to be true. But I also had a few others  that hade looked through all my interviews, which made me happy. What does that say about their digital mark on my website? Probably that the people I chose to talk to and publish, is interesting and have a story to tell that people want to know about. But then I had some information that troubled me, people didn’t always stay long enough to actually read the interview.

This new information give me a little boost t make my interviews look even more interesting and intriguing. that is my responsibility to all the amazing designers I interview.  In the future, I must be even more careful with the design and how the interview is presented.

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