Grace in Adulting

True tales of a clueless adult 

Grace in Adulting is a beautiful blog that is about Grace, surviving her days in the adult world.  The posts are very personal and told with a lot of humor and warmth. The blog is very sobering and welcoming for everyone that want to have a good time, and also get a feel of recognition. But I would say that the audience group also would be someone in my age, 22, and also have a similar life: the one filled with so much thought, happenings and ideas that the schedule is overflowing. How come that? Because Grace give you just what you need: a feeling that you are not by yourself in that situation.

In the article Internet Trends Report 2018, the activity of the medial footprint is discussed. The internet usage growth is continued solid, but many do think that it is way too high. The dynamics of global competition and innovation are pushing the improvements forward, which are making the usage rise. It just keeps getting better since many of the improvement made are based on data-collected information, recorded when the user made taps, clips, movements on their device. When reading Grace’s blog I keep thinking about that fact, how even my movement here on a friendly and sweet blog will make a mark and will be recorded. maybe not by the blog owner herself but by the owner of the host site. Whatever move I do, someone will know. Continuing with the Internet Trends Report 2018, the discussion keep on with how the internet companies continue to make low-priced services better, in part, from user data. And us, the users, continue to increase time spent on Internet services based on perceived value. When everything keeps getting better, we keep going back even more and more.

I see the value of Grace’s blog, the posts are something that appeal to many and therefor is valuable. I do think that the blog itself could easily be a very popular and highly visited one if Grace keep up the good work. Like its mentioned in the article How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion users, the amount of users, on our case viewers/visitors, is extremely important for the value of the site. The article discuss the Facebook application Messenger and how the higher the usage gets, the more attractive will the platform be for others who still might be using something other platform (SMS, email etc) and also brands and developers. So the more Grace will brand her blog and, of course, get more viewer to read it, the higher the value of the marketability will be. I see a bright future for this blog if Grace stay as personal and down to earth as she does know, doing that will make her audience group closely follow her future posts. That will make her blog truly bloom!

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